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The loud joy

by dyzack

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Patron of joy I'm at full throttle, a lame duck going wild. Right on the edge I feel, to urge to jump down under. I don't give a shiver, still steady keeping up my appearance, it's over. For me as a patron of joy. I'm at full speed, a lame duck going wild. I want to hold up to, the sweetness of a rise. It makes my head spin, an addict confounded by, the babel of bright light. That glows at my patron of joy & lust. What will make us all so happy, what will make us all so happy, this joy & lust.
This will be it This will be it, I'm on the spot now. Right where I should be, this can't go wrong. A wish became truth, a change of heart, won't spoil my mood. This will be it, doubt vanished into. Thin air I'm gasping, I'll stop being. Down in the mouth, leave that behind, I keep saying that. Leave me oh baby, joy is oh waiting. I'm thinking about, my payback, time will come. It's all worth waiting. Do we calm down?
A triple tease It's a triple tease, for a triple feast, I'll will get back to that. It's a triple blue, there's only one to undo, a grand option that I might consider. After all, this time, I spend in perfect silence. Still you don't know how, to use me.
This f** joy 03:14
This f** joy I see it a as a gift I walk here now, pulled to a mad cap fight. A miracle I did survive, stop thinking about what will come. Never downplay my satisfaction, What I sought was an eye for an eye. A fix on this love and I'm blind with, fury and delight for revenge, hear how I got it. First I made a deadfall, second there was some faith. Then I waited till dawn, only the moon shared my gaze. At the time our lord woke up, my mood was sharp as a blade. Then I pulled the rope to, catch this holy ghost in vain. It is weird to walk here now, revenge never tasted that sweet, mainly in view of the fact that it worked out. as it all was meant to be, so perfect. Let's behave like nothing happened, the world is a better place now. gonna enjoy this heathen heaven, with you and sing and dance all day and sing all night. It's this f** joy, I think I'm happy now and just to convince myself. I'll scream it out loud.


The loud joy, a sequel to The still joy.

You met Dr Jekyll and now you'll meet Mr. Hyde,
you had water and now you get oil.

The loud joy
"And just to convince myself, I'll scream it out loud"

The still joy, the first EP as the introvert and sometimes warm side of the story,
was released on the 1st of November.
The loud joy, the second EP as the extrovert but vicious side of the story, 
will be released today, the 15th of November.
Physical releases will be presented as one.
Thanks for listening,


released November 15, 2014




dyzack Den Haag, Netherlands

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